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Thursday March 15, 2018 at 5:12pm Age: 274 days
Category: High School, District


Two days from the regional competition on March 10, the High School Odyssey of the Mind (OM) team was racing to recover from time lost to snow days. Typically, OM teams have seven members, but our team was confident in the abilities of their five to get the job done, cheered by coach Morgan Torres, an English teacher.

Their problem of choice…

They chose to take on Triathlon Travels, problem one of this year’s choices. It involved riding a team-built vehicle through a course of curling, jousting, and track. Between events, the team must entertain the audience with an original performance, and the vehicle changes appearance.

The students’ experience…

Junior Lizabeth Stanton had participated in OM back in seventh and eighth grade. She returned to the program for the opportunities it offers to “have a voice at the table in finding solutions to problems.” But she’s also in it for the chance to write and act. Interested in the arts and humanities, Lizabeth is also a music student and has studied screenwriting at the high school. “I was able to use some of my writing skills and what I learned in screenwriting to help with our OM script.” Lizabeth is tasked with narrating the team’s performance at the tournament.  

Freshman Grady Brunelle gives no hint of being new to the high school, and returns to OM for the third time. “I love the opportunity to work in a small group setting. We get to know each other really well, and work as friends. Everybody’s heard, and no one feels left out,” Grady said. But challenges are just as welcome: “It’s fun to build components and figure out the mechanics to make things move.” Dreaming of a career in journalism, and passionate about writing and acting, OM was also a chance to get creative and develop areas of strength. As for the competition itself, Grady was less verbose: “We got this!”