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Monday March 12, 2018 at 1:00pm Age: 278 days
Category: Otisville Elementary, District


A hard working, creative team of seven represented Otisville Elementary School at the 2018 Odyssey of the Mind regional tournament in Goshen, on March 10.

Our team members chose problem #5, “A Stellar Hangout,” because of their love of science fiction and movies about space. The problem challenged students to conceive of an intergalactic hangout where beings from different worlds stopped, ate, refueled, and relaxed. Otisville’s seven brought this fictional space to life with an original script and humorous performance, complete with aliens, their foods, and a search for space treasure.

“It was incredible to watch our students create this performance from the ground up,” said coach David Gronner, a special education teacher. “They were enthusiastic from the start, and truly worked as a team to solve the problem. It was really enjoyable to see the final product of all their hard work, this past Saturday. They did an amazing job, and we are all very proud of them.”

CONGRATULATIONS, Jon Bubilo, Patrick Frawley, Tommy Honsaker, Ryan Johnson  Aaron Kelter, Kami Lyons, and Sienna Munsch!