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Wednesday April 11, 2018 at 6:42pm Age: 345 days
Category: District


As you are aware, today was the second day of the 2018 New York State English Language Arts Assessment. New York State has contracted with the Questar Corporation to deliver these assessments in computer based format. Yesterday, there were minimal issues with the testing process. Today, however, schools that were utilizing the computer based testing format experienced major disruptions to the assessment.


The district was notified by the state that the Questar Corporation was experiencing major technical difficulties. This caused disruptions to the process for almost all of our students. To allow students time to finish their assessments, building administrators and teachers extended testing time after the issue was rectified by Questar. The district made every effort to minimize any distraction or stress to students.


Our district was thoroughly prepared to administer these assessments, and was equipped to respond and manage these types of technical difficulties. There was a consistent and clear focus on our students, and faculty and staff were diligent in managing their needs and concerns in a compassionate and positive tone.  


Questar has communicated that they are working to rectify the technical issues.  The district will resume testing tomorrow. We will continue to monitor students’ progress and provide a constructive and positive testing environment.   Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s building principal.