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Monday March 11, 2019 at 4:06pm Age: 75 days
Category: High School, District


Who can unravel the mysteries of the human heart? 

Mrs. Jordan’s freshman biology students found the way to the heart through creativity, hands-on learning, and a little room for student choice.

As part of a recent lesson on the heart's circulatory system, students tapped into their artistic skills and used a medium of their choice to create models of their most critical, muscular organ.

"While doing the clay project we got to build visual representations of the circulatory system and heart,” Dylan Skok said. “I think we should do more of these."

Molly Witkowski felt the same degree of engagement. "The heart project was one of my favorites. It really helps me to learn when I use my hands. Building the heart made me realize each vein, artery, and valve in it. I now have a better understanding of how my heart works."

Michael Johnson also hopes for more hands-on projects in his science classroom, “not just using pen and paper," he said.

To test and apply their learning, students were called to demonstrate the pathway of blood flow using their handmade heart models.