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The Minisink Valley Central School District mission is to encourage all students to reach their full potential by providing equal opportunity or academic, social, physical and moral education in a safe, caring and challenging environment.  In partnership with the community, we are committed to meeting and exceeding New York State Learning Standards while preparing our students to be productive, responsible citizens and life long learners.


The New York State Department of Education has awarded a Teaching is the Core (TITC) Grant from to the OU BOCES/Division of Instructional Support Services. This grant supports the Division of Instructional Support Services work with thirteen school districts, including Minisink Valley, to explore strategies for improving the quality of assessments and assuring that educational programs are focused on high-quality, coordinated teaching, learning, and assessment of learning. For more information about this grant, please click here.

To view the Minisink Valley Assessment Inventory Summary, please click here.

Minisink Valley Central School District's local curriculum is aligned to the New York State learning standards.  To view curriculum maps, by grade, click here.  

If you have any questions about your child's academic program, please contact the classroom teacher or the building principal.


In 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was signed into law.  Within the context of the law, grant funds were set aside to encourage innovation and reform in education.  These monies were deemed, "Race to The the Top" funds.   To learn more about Race to the Top (RTTT), please visit the following websites:  
New York State Education Department-Race to the Top
Common Core State Standards

To view the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) Plan, please click here.  

Parent Requests for the Release of APPR Composite Score and Composite Overall Effectiveness Ratings

Under NYS Education Law, parents and legal guardians are entitled to receive the previous year's composite score and composite effectiveness ratings for the teacher(s) and building principal currently linked with their student(s).  The notice and form below have been developed by the Minisink Valley CSD to facilitate this process.

Testing Transparency Report


Minisink Valley CSD Report CardNYSED - Common Core Learning Standards 
NYS Education Department (NYSED)       NYS Regents Assessments
NYSED - Virtual Learning SystemUS Department of Education
NYSED - AssessmentsNCLB