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MS Teacher WebPages

Teacher Name Team/Department
Mrs. Arns 8th Grade Social Studies - White Team
Mrs. Bittner 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies
Mr. Bradley Music Department
Mr. Budd Technology
Mrs. Dickman 7th Grade ELA - Green Team
Ms. Gage 7th Grade ELA - White Team
Mr. Janeczko 8th Grade Science - White Team
Mrs. Kidney 8th Grade Math - Gold Team
Mrs. Kowal 8th Grade Social Studies - Green Team
Ms. LaMarca 7th Grade Math - White Team
Ms. Martellaro and Ms. Shafer Music Department
Mr. Moyles 7th Grade Social Studies - White Team
Mr. Prezioso 8th Grade ELA - White Team
6th Grade Gold Team 6th Grade Gold Team

Middle School Teachers Using SAKAI - Directions Listed Below

7th Grade Math Gold Team
8th Grade Foreign Language Gold Team
7th and 8th Grade Science Green Team
7th Grade Science Gold Team
7th Grade Math White Team
8th Grade Science Gold Team
7th Grade Science White Team


Sakai is an open source online Collaboration and Learning Environment which serves as a valuable resource for both students and parents to be apprised of up to date information related to that specific class.  Information on SAKAI may include some, but not all, of the following: homework assignments, class calendars, supplemental attachments, notes, up-to date grades, etc.  To log on to SAKAI, please use the following directions:

1. Open MVCSD-Sakai :
2. Type your user ID and password and then click Login.
3. Click on the appropriate site tab across the top part of the page.

Please review the following user guides for additional help navigating SAKAI. They are specific to Mrs. DeVito's class, but serve as a nice tutorial.

Quick User Guide

SAKAI Power Point

Teacher Projects

The following teachers are involved with the Foreign Language Assistance Program organized by Trillium Learning. Link to these pages and see the work they have created and shared with schools in China.

Mrs. VanDerMolen's Class