Minisink Elementary Academics

The Elementary School includes grades K, 1, and 2 with 10 classes at the kindergarten level, 9 classes at the 1st grade level, and 10 classes at the 2nd grade level.  Each classroom contains two computers and a printer. The computers are networked with filtered Internet access. We also have a library media center that students visit each week during their 40 minute library time.

Students also participate in physical education classes twice a week and have a 40 minute art and music class each week.  Second graders are encouraged to join our 2nd grade chorus which performs in the spring at our spring concert.

Special education services are delivered in both self-contained, resource room settings, and we also have 1 inclusion classroom at 2nd grade during science and social studies time. In addition, academic intervention services are included for English Language Arts and math at grades 1 and 2. Curriculum and Instruction are aligned with the New York State Learning Standards.

The assessments we conduct at the K-2 level include:  The assessments we conduct are the Harcourt Performance Profile Group Inventory for kindergartners in the spring and the Harcourt K-2 Literacy Assessment Fall and Spring in grades 1 and 2.   We also conduct end of the year math testing in the spring of kindergarten, first grade and second grade years.