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Posted May 18 at 8:37am

On Friday, May 15, 2015 Minisink Elementary School hosted approximately 400 grandparents for Grandparents' Day.  Each individual classroom presented a little song or poem or story and others had the grandparents share something of their own childhood.  It was a great day for all!


Posted May 13 at 10:33am

As part of the first grade curriculum  and in honor of 2015 Police Week,  Mrs. Hoffman's First Grade Class had Zone Sergeant David Scott from the New ​York ​State Police, Troop F come in to teach them about safety and what his job entails as a community helper.

They learned about what State Troopers do in comparison to local police agencies, as well as the details of their uniforms.  They reviewed how to react in an emergency and the importance of calling 911.

Students asked many questions!
What do you do as a police officer?
Why are you a police officer?
What’s hard about your job?
What do you like about your job?
Why do you wear the bullet-proof vest?
Do you have a police dog?
and more...

His visit was a great opportunity for the students to further develop their Language for Information, Understanding and Social Interaction.  He also explained a bit of NYSGeography and the different Troop Zones throughout the counties.  

We give a great big thanks to those who stand guard to protect the people of the United States through law enforcement, especially Zone Sergeant David Scott! 


Posted May 6 at 12:58pm

Alan Lewis, author of I Grew Up On a Farm also came to visit our kindergartners. Mr. Lewis discussed his childhood of growing up on a local farm. We would like to thank the Elementary PTO and all the teachers who helped bring this author to our school.


Posted May 6 at 12:50pm

Debbie Dadey, author of 162 books, came to visit the second graders at Minisink Elementary May 1st.  Debbie is the author of the book series the Bailey School Kids and the current book series Mermaid Tales.  She was a terrific storyteller and presenter. We would like to thank the Elementary PTO and all the teachers who helped bring this author to our school.


Posted April 29 at 10:41am

On April 17th, Ms. Bennington's 2nd graders put on a play called "The Queen's Last Birthday".  It was a story about a greedy queen who doesn't tell the truth.  The children put on 2 shows for the k-2 grades. At the parent's show the author, Vincent Begley came to meet the students!


Posted April 21 at 8:08am

Recently several of our classes were able to experience a little farm fun here at school.  Thank you to the Gibbs family for bringing a calf to school, and to the Miedema family for giving the students hayrides.


Posted February 5 at 11:49am

Mrs. McDermott's first grade class teamed up with 4H to perform Hydroponics experiments to observe the best growing environments for lettuce and marigolds.  The students also learned how hydroponics is used in cities and other areas that do not have large growing spaces.


Posted February 5 at 11:41am

On February  3rd Minisink Valley Elementary School  hosted author Susanna Leonard Hill, author of Punxsutawney Phyllis and other terrific picture books.  The children had a wonderful time interacting with the author and also her groundhog friend Phyllis.  Students learned about Groundhog Day and the writing process.  We would like to thank the Elementary  PTO for hosting this worthwhile event for all of our first graders!


Posted October 17 at 8:01am

Thursday, October 16th was a day filled with excitement for the 2nd graders of Minisink Valley Elementary.  They were involved in an assembly called, "Birds of Prey", where they learned about, and saw, a red tail hawk, an owl, a turkey vulture, and a hawk that swooped through the auditorium while everyone tried to stay still.  A few other animals were brought in, such as a baby alligator and a snake.  Everyone learned important facts about all of these animals and the lessons taught us much about the "Circle of Life". 

Thank you to our PTO for sponsoring this wonderful event.


Posted October 10 at 5:00pm

On Tuesday, October 7, Mrs. Hoffman’s First Grade Class had a visit from Karen Downing, a Radiographer from Orange Regional Medical Center and Marci Lamendola, a Clinical Instructor for SUNY Orange College Radiology Department and an X-Ray Technologist at St. Lukes Hospital. 

This special visit was part of their study of the Human Body Systems.
Students got a great overview of the Skeletal System.  Students viewed images of X-rays such as humerus, skull and chest on a view box.  They got to observe real human bones compared to images taken of bones. Students also explored a card board display of a machine called a "portable" that is used to take X-rays when patients can’t go to the radiology department.

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