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Monday December 17, 2018 at 2:33pm Age: 189 days
Category: Middle School, District


In the context of social and emotional learning, the middle school continues to activate its “Choose Kindness” theme with lunch-time chats in the school auditorium, led by Assistant Principal Stephen Caldwell.

It’s the season of giving and last week’s conversation explored the concept of generosity as yet another way of showing kindness.

Mr. Caldwell named several examples of generosity that engage students and staff across the district such as Project Cooperation and Pink Out for Breast Cancer at the Middle School, the Diabetes Walk at Otisville Elementary, the Veterans Dinner at the High School, various drives for Minisink Cares, Teacher Appreciation Day, and many others.

The screening of the video, “Life Vest Inside,” also known as “Kindness Boomerang,” captured the students attention and imagination. It demonstrates that kindness is contagious and has a way of traveling full circle, returning good-will and optimism to all who engage in it.

Students participated in the discussion offering their own suggestions for modeling generosity through deeds and character.

The school’s cafeteria features a "Random Acts of Kindness Calendar" with daily suggestions for activating kindness. Before their winter break students are invited to try the following:

  • Dec. 18: Let someone go first in line
  • Dec. 19: Help someone do a job or chore (Parent alert!)
  • Dec. 20: Tell your teachers why they do a good job
  • Dec. 21: Set a personal goal for 2019