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Thursday April 14, 2011 at 10:35am Age: 7 yrs
Category: Intermediate


The intermediate school gathered to recognize one or two caring students from each class as part of the character education program.  The following students were recognized for their contributions to classmates, teachers, and the school community!  Congratulations to each of these students and their families! 

Christa Ferguson, Janessa Rodriguez, Marlene St. George, Grace Clark, Sophie Kowalewski, Madeline Sedita, Jakob Dronke, Ashleigh Stellato, Jenna Luciano, Angelina Sasso, Aidan Goroway, Kirstin Crowe, Beth McKeon, Colin Clancy, Casey Schellberg, Ian Lane, Abigail Gibbons, Kelsey Harrison, Aiden Berlinski, Jocelyn Benigno-Ramos, Nora Hanlon, Kaelie Butterfield, Nicoletta L., Haley Myruski, Brian Ford, Sydney Waltenberg-O'Brien, Aubrie Purdy, Andrew Fenner, Christian Jara, Gabriella Falcon, Christa Westby, Brianna Einhorn, Camila Palacios, Rachael Wright, and Nicole Martinez.