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Parents/guardians can request contact changes (phone/email) and contact rights via the SchoolTool Parent Portal


  • Navigate to your student’s Personal Information Record, and click on the Request Contact Changes icon [top right of the screen].
  • The Change Request Form will appear in a pop-up window. The Call order for your student will show at the top of the form. To edit the call order, drag and drop available phone numbers into the Call order box.
  • Below the call order list, the user’s personal contact information will show, allowing you to change phone numbers, the rank of those phone numbers, email address, and contact rights. (A user can only change his/her information, not another's, even if the other user has rights to the same student.
  • Once changes have been made, click Submit

The form will show that your request is pending approval. You will also receive an email confirming receipt of your request. The email will not contain any contact or other private information.

The district will review your change request, and you will receive an email notification with an approval (or denial).