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  • Paul Dombal, Principal: 845-355-5250
  • Deborah Gallant, Assistant Principal: 845-355-5250
  • Alison Vreeland, School Counselor: 845-355-5258
  • Jess Klein, School Psychologist: 845-355-5268



  • — MyPlate is a reminder to find your healthy eating style and build it throughout your lifetime. Fourth and fifth-grade students in Theresa Uhelksy's health class are learning about nutrition, food composition, calorie needs, and how to develop an eating style that healthier eating style that meets individual needs and improves their health.
  • – User-friendly information, perspectives and advice on physical, emotional, and behavioral issues affecting children and teens.

Character Education/Counseling Program

  • Bucket Fillers ─ Bucket filling is an easy-to-understand concept: Everyone carries an invisible bucket that holds our good thoughts and feelings. When our buckets are full, we feel happy; when our buckets are empty, we feel sad. Everyone at the Intermediate school participates in Bucket Filling.  Ask your child, “Have you filled a bucket today?” (Bucket-Filling in the classroom.) 
  • Social Thinking ─ The three-part cognitive behavioral curriculum helps students develop further awareness of their own thinking and social behaviors.  Students learn strategies to help them develop better self-regulation across a range of behaviors.
  • The Zones of Regulation ─ Self-regulation is something we all work on, whether or not we are cognizant of it. We all face trying circumstances that test our limits from time to time. If we are able to recognize when we are becoming less regulated, we can do something about it to manage our feelings and get ourselves to a healthy place. This comes naturally for some, but for others it is a skill that needs to be taught and practiced. 
  • The Incredible 5-Point Scale – Developed to teach social and emotional skills.


Grief and Loss

Mental Health: Community Resources and Emergency Services
— If you are in immediate danger, call 911 or 211

* You can reach these services using the District's mobile app.