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Access to Records

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1975 provides access to records, files, documents, and other materials which contain information directly relating to a student.  All parents/guardians of students under 18 years of age and students 18 years of age or older enrolled in a post-secondary school have the following rights as provided by FERPA:

  • To inspect and review the student’s educational records.
  • To be provided, on request, with a copy of all or part of the student’s educational records.
  • To exercise limited control over other people’s access to the student’s records.
  • To designate, in writing, a representative who will inspect, review or copy such records.
  • To request and receive from the District a reasonable explanation of information contained in the student’s educational records.
  • To challenge the contents of the student’s educational records and to seek to correct the student’s educational records, by contacting the building principal and, if the situation is not satisfactorily remedied, by requesting a hearing with the Superintendent of Schools.
  • To report violations of FERPA contact the U.S. Department of Education.
  • To obtain copies of the Students Records policy and regulations at the Office of the Board Clerk.

Parents can obtain access to school records via Parent Portal.  See the district website and click on “Parent Portal” for more information. 

Records Access Officer - Michael Giardina, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources 


Daily announcements are made at 7:25 a.m.  We ask that all students remain quiet and listen carefully while announcements are read.  Announcements are also posted on the Middle School webpage.

Appropriate Dress

Students are expected to dress in a manner that is conducive to the educational environment.  Attire also should not promote items illegal for minors such as alcohol and tobacco products.  Any attire that is disruptive, distracting or does not meet the code of conduct will need to be changed immediately to avoid disciplinary consequences.  Students will be asked to change and/or call home. If they refuse to change they will go to ISS. Multiple offenses become insubordination and will require further consequences.

The following are considered to be inappropriate dress and inappropriate appearance, and are prohibited in school or at school functions: 

  • any dress or appearance which constitutes a threat or danger to the health and safety of students (e.g., heavy jewelry or jewelry with spikes which can injure the student or others);
  • any dress or appearance which is vulgar, lewd, obscene, indecent, profane or which exposes to sight the private parts of the body (e.g., t-shirts with a phallic symbol and messages consisting of sexual metaphors; see-through garments, extremely plunging necklines or waistlines); skirts that are too short or too tight, tube skirts, exposed undergarments.
  • extremely brief or revealing garments such as tube tops, camisoles, net tops, halter tops, plunging necklines (front and/or back), see-through garments, spaghetti straps (straps must be 2 inches wide), short shorts/mini-skirts (a minimum 3 inch inseam is required), pajama pants or pants resembling pajama pants, etc. are not appropriate.  Tank tops which are too revealing are not permitted.  The bottom of the arm hole should not expose torso area.    
  • any dress or appearance which encourages or advocates the use of illegal drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco; any dress or appearance which advocates or encourages illegal or violent activities; any dress or appearance which advocates discrimination or denigrates others based upon race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability;
  • the wearing of hats, visors or any other head covering in the classroom as they are a sign of disrespect (unless worn for religious or medical reasons);
  • footwear that is a safety hazard will not be allowed. Because of their destructive nature, no metal cleats or taps will be permitted on boots or shoes and no slippers. Students must wear footwear at all times.
  • any dress or appearance which constitutes a disruption to the educational process.


Good manners and proper behavior for assemblies includes staying with your class at all times, taking your assigned seat quickly, talking quietly until the program begins, remaining quiet during the program, and showing appreciation through polite applause.  Remember that we will use the PBIS attention signal (“raise your hand”) to quiet the audience down and begin the activity. There is to be no yelling, whistling, or foot stomping.  Food, beverages, and gum chewing are not permitted in the auditorium.

Athletics/Extra-Curricular Activities

We offer many sports, clubs and activities so that you can get to know yourself and others better.  We urge you to try new things and to participate—be a “doer” not a “watcher”.  Join activities that interest you.  There are athletic, music, drama, subject oriented, student government, and service opportunities. 

Academic Eligibility - The purpose of academic probation is to give students who are failing two (2) or more classes the chance to raise their grades and still participate in extracurricular activities. 

All students who are participating in extracurricular activities will have their academic record reviewed every five weeks, which take place at the progress report and report card times.  Students who are failing two or more subjects at the point of review will be placed on Academic Probation for a period of five weeks or until the activity ends.  After three weeks of the probation period, it will be the student’s responsibility to bring a progress report to all of their teachers for an update and the students will then submit the form to middle school administration for review. If satisfactory progress has been made, the student will be allowed to continue participating in his or her activity.  If satisfactory progress has not been made, or if the form is not submitted, the student will become ineligible to participate in any aspect of the activity for the remaining two weeks of that 5 week probation period. 

Administration reserves the right to review extra-curricular eligibility status of students who continually fail courses throughout the year and wish to participate in activities.

Attendance Information

Daily Attendance

  • School attendance is so important to your school success that you should make every effort to be in school every day.  Your absences should not exceed 6 days in any school year, except in very unusual situations.
  • A written excuse from your parent/guardian is required for each absence or lateness.  Such excuses should contain the reason and date of absence/lateness and a parent/guardian signature.  The written excuse is to be presented to your teacher or to the main office as soon as you return to school.
  • Legal reasons for absences include the following:  personal sickness, sickness or death in the family (or family emergencies), quarantine, religious observances, attendance at court, doctors’ appointments, and approved school-sponsored trips.
  • Student absence without the knowledge and consent of the parent is considered truancy.  Truancy is a violation of New York State Law and results in disciplinary consequences and a possible referral to social agencies and/or Family Court.
  • Students cannot participate in any extracurricular activities on the days they are absent from school or not signed in by 8:30 a.m. with a legal excuse. 

Making up work when absent

  • When you are absent you will be given a fair amount of time to make up assignments missed.  For example, if you miss three days of school, you will be given 3 days to make up the work you missed during the absence.
  • Students should contact a friend or classmate to obtain homework information for a one or two day absence.
  • For absences 3 or more days, requests for homework should be directed to the middle school office (with an allowance of one day for the gathering of homework). 

Family vacation while school is in session

  • Students who are taken out of school for family vacations while school is in session are responsible for keeping up with and turning in work.  Assignments must be picked up upon the return to school.
  • All work is to be completed and turned in according to the teachers’ established timeline.
  • Teachers are not required to give out assignments before students leave on vacation. 

Arrival Time

  • School opens at 7:15 a.m.  Students arriving between 7:00 a.m. and 7:15 a.m. are to wait in the main lobby.  Students should not be in the building prior to 7:00 a.m.  Students are expected to be in their first class by 7:23 a.m.  Tardiness (lateness to school) is not generally excused.  A note explaining the cause of lateness is required.  After 5 unexcused lates, the student will be given a referral with appropriate consequences.  Increments of 5 unexcused lates will result in additional referrals and progressive discipline. 

Book bags

Students are permitted to carry appropriate materials to and from school in a book bag.  Book bags are to be stored in lockers during the school day.

Books & School Equipment

Students are responsible for all of their textbooks, for school equipment they use, and for books that they check out of the library.  Books are to be covered to protect them from wear.  Teachers will conduct periodic textbook checks to make sure books are covered. When a book is lost or damaged, the student will be charged for the book.  A lost textbook is to be reported to the teacher at once so that the student can get another book.   If the missing book is found, the student’s money will be returned. 

Cafeteria Behavior

  • Find a seat quickly.  Do not wander around, or change your seat during the lunch period.
  • Listen to the cafeteria aide to direct you to the line to purchase your lunch.
  • Clean up after yourself.  Throwing food/drink or other items is rude, unhealthy and unsafe.  Therefore, it is strictly forbidden.
  • No food or drinks are allowed out of the cafeteria.
  • Go to lockers before lunch.
  • Going to lunch is like changing classes, arrive on time.  If a student arrives 5 minutes or more late to lunch without a pass, they will be sent to lunch detention for the period.

Counseling and Guidance

Guidance services are planned for and available to all students.  Your counselors, Mrs. Semco, Mr. Soto and Mrs. Westby, are here to help you identify and achieve personal goals.  They care about you and want you to feel free to discuss any concerns you may have.  What’s important to you is important to your counselors.

The following are some of the functions of our middle school guidance department: 

  • Academic Improvement and Planning – Included would be the selection of a plan of study, placement into appropriate courses and programs, attendance improvement, and study skills development.
  • Personal and Social Growth – Personal and social growth counseling focuses on building a more positive view of yourself, developing communication skills, decision-making and relationship skills, as well as “peace-making”.
  • Crisis Intervention Services – When students are feeling upset about personal problems at home or school, our counselors can be very helpful and supportive.
  • Parent Support – Included would be individual conferences and group meetings with parents and teachers centered on the academic and personal growth of their children.  This also includes the referral of students and parents to appropriate specialists.

Please understand that you must have permission from your classroom teacher or a pass from a counselor to go to the guidance office during scheduled class time.

Dances (6th, 7th, 8th Grade)

Student Government sponsors school dances on selected Friday evenings throughout the school year.  The hours are 6:00-8:00 p.m.  Students must be present in school on the day of the dance in order to attend.  Dances are only for Minisink Valley Middle School students and they are rewards for students who display appropriate behavior throughout the school year. All school rules apply while students are attending school dances.  Any student who misbehaves during the dance will be brought to the office to call their parents to come and pick them up early from the dance.  If the parents cannot be reached by phone, the student will spend the rest of the dance in the office.  Dance misbehavior will result in a loss of the privilege of attending the next dance or the rest of the scheduled dances for the school year.    

School Dance Guidelines

  1. Once you enter the building for the dance you are expected to remain within the building and within the designated dance area.  There is to be no wandering around the building.
  2. After the dance, 6th and 8th grade students are to meet their rides in the front of the building and 7th grade students are to meet in their rides in the rear of the building by the cafeteria.
  3. Students who are not picked up by 8:15 p.m. will not be permitted to attend the next dance.
  4. The school reserves the right to restrict attendance of any/all students who have received any disciplinary referrals two weeks prior to the dance.

Eighth Grade Send-Off Dance (June)

The 8th Grade Dance is a very special celebration and it is considered a reward for 8th grade students who display appropriate behavior throughout the school year.  Students who accumulate six (6) days of suspension (in and/or out of school) and/or accumulate ten (10) or more disciplinary referrals will not be permitted to attend the Eighth Grade Dance.  As well, students who are absent (Legally or Illegally) 20% of the time from one or more of their scheduled classes will not be permitted to attend the Eighth Grade Dance.


After school detention is a consequence for misbehavior.  It begins at 2:15 p.m. and ends at approximately 3:15 p.m.  Students are expected to work quietly while in the detention room.  Students who have detention may ride the late bus home.  If a student cannot attend detention on the afternoon assigned due to a pre-arranged appointment, a note must be brought from home in order to be excused.  

If a student misses detention without first being excused, the detention is considered “cut”, a disciplinary referral will be written, and the detention will be doubled.  A second cut of detention will result in an In-School Suspension.


Once school dismisses, you are expected to leave school and board your assigned bus as quickly as possible.  Buses depart approximately seven minutes after school dismisses. Students will not be permitted to walk from school grounds or to any other schools on the property without prior written notice and approval from administration.

Early Leave

If you require an early leave for an appointment, please bring a written and signed note from home to the office on the morning of the early leave. Please report to the office at the scheduled sign out time.  Parents must come to the office to sign you out.  We do not permit students to leave the school alone.


Teachers and administrators have the ability to receive e-mail in their classrooms/offices.  Email addresses can be found by accessing the Directory tab on the Middle School Web Page.  Should you need to contact a teacher or administrator regarding a critical matter, it is suggested that you not use e-mail.  In instances where you have not received a response to your e-mail, please contact the individual by telephone.

Electronic Equipment

Do not bring electronic devices such as cell phones, smart watches, cameras, laser pointers, I-Pods, or PSP players to school.  The school cannot be responsible for personal items lost or stolen in school. Please be advised that teachers are required to take these objects and send them to the office for safekeeping.  For a first offense, the device will be taken and students will be permitted to pick them up at the end of the day.  For repeated offenses, the device will be taken, appropriate consequences will be assigned and a parent/guardian will have to pick up the device.  Please note that picture taking, videotaping or displaying inappropriate pictures or videos with these devices is prohibited on school grounds and in school buses and will result in a referral and appropriate disciplinary consequences.

Emergency Closings

Information on morning delays or cancellations can be found on the school website (, the Minisink Valley CSD app, or heard on the following radio stations:  ESPN (1340/1390 AM), WPDH (101.5 FM), WGNY (103.1 FM), WHUD (100.7 FM), WLNA (1420 AM), WMAX (106.3 FM), WNNJ (103.7 FM), WTSX/WDLC (96.7 FM/1490 AM), WSUS (102.3 FM), WRRV (92.7/96.9 FM), WSPK (104.7 FM), and WRWD (107.3 FM).

Emergency Plans/Fire Drills

Each year we conduct “test” drills of the District’s emergency management plan, including fire drills (8), lock down drills (4), and an early dismissal drill (1).  Fire drills allow us to practice safe evacuations from the school building in case of emergency. Students should regard fire drills as if they are actual emergencies.  The fire alarm signal is a loud buzzer coupled with flashing lights.  Each room in the building has been assigned a plan and a route for leaving the building. 

Your teachers will explain the plans and the routes for each room in which you attend classes. There is to be no talking during fire drills.  All students are expected to stay with their teachers and to cooperate with all directions and instructions during fire drills.  Distracting behavior will be subject to either teacher or administrative discipline. False activation of any alarm including, but not limited to, fire alarms, emergency exit alarms, or other disaster alarms by any student will result in severe disciplinary action.

Enriched/Accelerated Classes

High achieving students can be offered the option of starting some of their ninth grade courses in eighth grade.  Students are selected for the acceleration program based upon their success in sixth and seventh grade (high average in the subject areas, excellent results on achievement tests (ex. InView and STAR Reading and Math assessments), and recommendations from teachers) and a matrix will be used to determine eligibility.  Please speak with your child’s guidance counselor with any questions regarding acceleration.

At the end of 6th grade, students are selected for Accelerated/Enriched Math, Science, English and Social Studies courses over the summer based on a highly rigorous rubric.  Once selected, notification is sent home and parental consent is provided for students to be scheduled into these courses.  If they are successful in 7th grade, they will continue into 8th grade in Accelerated English, Social Studies, Algebra 9R1 and/or Living Environment and are expected to maintain an 85 average.  Students who are experiencing difficulty may elect (with parent consent) to be dropped from these classes within the first quarter – without a discontinuation of this course placed on their High School transcript.  Similarly, students who have not achieved an 85 average at the end of the quarter will be asked to drop that class and move to a more educationally traditional course.  This change would be in the individual’s best interest, and done in consultation with parents/teachers/guidance counselor.    

If a student is to remain in the course past the first quarter and then wishes to withdraw, a Withdraw Failure (WF) is subsequently placed on their High School transcript.  For this reason we encourage students to always work to their fullest potential, actively participate in class, and ask questions for clarification.  

Field Day/Field Trip

Field Day and Field Trips are a privilege and are considered a reward for students who display appropriate behavior throughout the school year.  Students who accumulate six (6) days of suspension (in and/or out of school) and/or accumulate ten (10) or more disciplinary referrals will not be permitted to attend the Eighth Grade Dance.  As well, students who are absent (Legally or Illegally) 20% of the time from one or more of their scheduled classes will not be permitted to attend Field Day and/or Field Trips.

Food and Drink

Glass bottles are not permitted in the school building.  Athletes whose coaches permit water bottles (plastic…no glass please!) may keep empty bottles in their lockers or their sports bags during the sports season.  The bottles are to be filled at the end of the school day.  Gum is not allowed in school.

Grading Dates

Marking Period Progress Reports Marking Period Ends
1 October 5 November 8
2 December 13 January 24
3 February 28 April 3
4 May 8 June 25

Grading Sytem

We use a 0-100 numeric grading system with 65 as the minimum passing grade.  The lowest numeric grade that will be displayed on the report card is 50.  This will allow students the opportunity to pass the course with marked improvement in the subsequent quarters. 


If an incomplete is recorded on the report card, your teacher will give you a specific amount of time to make up the missing work or tests.  If the work is not completed in the time given, the incomplete will be converted into a failing grade.

Honor Roll

Each marking period we publish an Academic Honor Roll to recognize student achievement.  Students with an average of 95.00 and above will be placed on the High Honor Roll.  Students with an average of 85.00-94.99 will be placed on the Honor Roll.


In the event that you become injured, please report the injury to your teacher or to the nurse.  In emergencies, the school nurse will follow established First Aid procedures.  In all cases where the nature of an illness or injury appears serious, your parent or guardian will be contacted if possible.  In extreme emergencies, arrangements may be made for immediate hospitalization whether or not the parent or guardian can be reached.


The guidelines for using the library are as follows:

  • You must obtain a pass before entering the library.  If you wish to use the library at lunch, you must obtain a pass from the library prior to coming to lunch.
  • Do not bring in food or beverages.
  • Use the bathroom before entering the library or after you leave.  Bathroom passes are generally not issued from the library.
  • Respect the rights of others by working quietly.
  • A reasonable amount of library materials may be loaned out for a two-week period. 
  • Return library materials when they are due.
  • Materials may be renewed as long as someone else has not reserved them.


Lockers are for the storage of garments and school materials and should be locked at all times.  Lockers are not a place to store valuables.  The school cannot assume responsibility for personal items lost or stolen in school.  Each student should use a school issued lock and should not share the combination with others.  Lockers and/or locker combinations are not to be shared. 

School lockers are the property of the school district and as such may be subject to random inspection by school officials with or without probable cause.  Any illegal substances or paraphernalia, weapons, and/or dangerous instruments or substances not permitted by school rules, will be removed, and the student assigned to the locker will face appropriate disciplinary consequences.

Lunch/Breakfast Program

Menus are made available at the beginning of each month and can be found on our website.  Food and beverage prices are listed on the menus.  Breakfast is $1.00, and lunch is $2.05.  Please note that children can purchase additional lunches and/or snacks using their MySchoolBucks account.  Breakfast is served from 7:15 – 7:30 a.m.  Students must inform their first period teacher before going to breakfast.  Students not on line by 7:25 a.m. will not be served breakfast.  All must arrive in class no later than 7:35 a.m.  We expect orderly and polite behavior, and good manners.  Misconduct can result in a denial of this privilege. 

Students are responsible for their lunch accounts. If a student owes more than the total for three lunches, they will be unable to buy snacks and they will be given a special lunch. 

Free and reduced price breakfasts and lunches are available to qualified students.  Application forms are distributed to all students during the first day of the school year.  Forms should be returned by the end of September.


School personnel may administer prescribed drugs only if the parent/guardian gives the school nurse a written order from the physician, which includes the following information:

  • The name of the medicine.
  • The reason for taking the medication.
  • The dosage(s), times and number of days for the medication to be administered. 

In addition, the medication must have a professional label, and must be brought directly to the school nurse by an adult.  A parent may pick up any unused medications after the final dosage is given.  After seven days, the medication will be destroyed.  Please be advised that students are not permitted to have any type of prescription or over-the-counter medication in their possession under any circumstances.  Students found in possession of these items may be subject to appropriate discipline.

Passes/Hallway Behavior

Each time you are required to be in the hallway during scheduled class time you must have a signed pass from a teacher.  If you are planning to meet with a teacher during your lunch, you must come to the cafeteria with a signed pass indicating the class you are to go to for extra help.  Please note the following reminders when you are moving in the hallway:

  • Stay to the right.
  • Walk in a safe and orderly manner.
  • When classes are in session, always have a pass and walk quietly so as not to disturb others.

Peer Mediation

If you are having a problem with another student and would like to work it out, our Peer Mediation & Conflict Resolution program can be a very valuable resource for you.  Our Peer Mediation & Conflict Resolution program has trained student volunteers to assist other students in resolving conflicts creatively and peacefully.  Peer mediators are skilled in helping students to talk out their conflicts in order to find solutions to problems that everyone can accept.  Students who are interested in bringing a problem to Peer Mediation should go to the Guidance Office during their lunch to schedule the mediation.  Students interested in becoming peer mediators should inform the Guidance Office.

Physical Education

All students are required to actively participate in physical education.  Please note: to be eligible to participate for a sports team an athlete must dress and participate in Physical Education class.  Required dress consists of sweat pants or shorts, a t-shirt, socks and sneakers.  Students will be assigned a locker and must provide their own lock (key locks are not permitted). When you change your clothes, be sure to put your regular “school clothes” in your assigned gym locker and lock it.  The school cannot be held responsible for items lost/stolen from the locker rooms.  Therefore, it is best to leave jewelry and other valuables at home on days when you have physical education.  If you are wearing jewelry, it must be removed during PE classes. 

If you are injured, a doctor’s note will be required to excuse you from the class.  Bring it to the nurse first thing in the morning.  Once you are excused, you cannot participate until the school receives a written release from your doctor.  In some cases, students may be reassigned to the school library for study related to physical education for the period of the exemption. 

Any student who is suspected of having a concussion must be removed from physical education and athletic activity.  This student must remain out of such activities until evaluated by a physician.  A physician will either clear the student to resume activities or diagnose the student with a concussion.  If diagnosed with a concussion, the student can only resume activities after clearance by a physician and completion of the five step "Return to Play" protocol.

Promotion/Retention Policy


  • Students who earn High Honor Roll all four quarters will be promoted with Highest Honors.
  • Students who earn High Honor Roll or Honor Roll all four quarters will be promoted with Honors.
  • Students who pass all classes will be promoted.
  • Students who fail one subject will be promoted. 


  • Students who fail two or three subjects will be retained, but can choose to attend summer school.
  • Students who fail four or more subjects will be retained.  Summer school will not be approved. 

Summer School 

Summer school can be an option to prevent being held back because of two or more failures.  Students must first seek and receive permission to attend summer school from the guidance office. 

  • Permission to attend summer school will not be granted to students who have failed four or more subjects.
  • Permission to attend summer school may not be granted to students whose four marking period grades are so low that the summer school grade would not be enough to raise the course final grade to passing.
  • The guidance department will meet with each summer school candidate prior to summer school registration to set goals for summer school grades.  When summer school grades are sent to us the grades will be reviewed.  Students who meet the goals (grades) will be promoted to the next grade.


Residency in the school district is a requirement for attendance in the school.  A resident is one whose actual and only residence is in the Minisink Valley Central School District either with his/her natural parents or with a legal guardian as established through the filing of appropriate legal documents.

School Bus Behavior

All of the rules of courtesy, safety, and common sense that apply to the school building and school grounds apply on school busses, as well as at the school bus stops.  Bus drivers are in charge of the vehicle and are responsible for the safety of all passengers while in transit.  Drivers must be given the attention and respect of all students.    

Riding the school bus is a privilege, not a right.  This privilege may be removed or disciplinary action taken if the individual’s conduct is abusive, distracting to the driver and/or jeopardizes the safety of the other students, dangerous to oneself or others, or destructive to the vehicle.  Bus drivers will report the misconduct of students to the building administration and the Director of Transportation by submitting a “Bus Referral”.  After students receive a “Bus Referral”, they are interviewed by building administration and appropriate action is taken.  Consequences can include, but are not limited to: warning, after school detention, in school suspension, out of school suspension, and bus suspension. 

Please note that a student may be removed from the school bus prior to a first report if his/her behavior is such that it endangers the health or safety of himself/herself as well as other students; e.g., striking or cursing at a bus driver, fighting on the bus, or causing a delay in the timely transport of other students.

 Bus Rules 

  • Be on time to your bus stop and respect people and property.
  • Keep all noise at a low level.
  • Keep your arms and hands inside the windows.
  • Remain seated until the driver gives permission for you to leave.
  • Obey all driver directions and seating assignments.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited on the bus.
  • Food and drinks are prohibited on the bus.
  • Middle school students are not permitted to board or unload buses at the high school. 

Selling Items - School Fund Raising

During the school year, various groups and clubs in the school conduct fund raising activities.  Participation in any fund raising activity is purely voluntary.  If you choose to participate, please limit selling to family and close friends.  Do not sell items door to door.  Students are not permitted to sell gum, candy, or other items in school or on board school buses or to collect money for any purpose without the Principal’s approval.


Skateboarding is not permitted on school grounds.  Students will not be permitted to bring skateboards on school buses.

Staying After School

Do not stay after school unless you are on a sports team, you have permission to stay with a teacher, you have detention, or you have a note signed by your parent indicating that you are going to be picked up by an adult.  Students who wish to attend a sporting event starting after school hours need to go home and return at the proper time with adult supervision.  Students may NOT stay and wait for the game to begin.  If you miss your bus, report to the office immediately so that we can help you get a ride home.

Student Assistance

Go To the Main Office for Help With:

  • Bus Problems, Early Leaves, and Working Papers and Lost and Found.

Go To The Guidance Office for Help With:

  • Address Changes; Changing Schools; Locker Problems; Study, Schedule and/or Personal Problems


Parents and special guests are welcomed and encouraged to visit the school.  Please note that since the building is locked during the school day, all visitors must utilize the intercom system to access the building.  All visitors need to check in with the greeter, show photo ID, sign-in, and wear a visitor ID pass at all times. Student visitors from other schools are generally not permitted to enter our school building unless the Principal has given prior approval. 

Working Papers

Students between the ages of 11 and 16 must have working papers in order to be employed.  Those between 11 and 13 are eligible to work as newspaper carriers.  Those between 14 and 16 are eligible to work in stores or offices.  

If you are interested in obtaining working papers, go to the Middle School Main Office.  Please give careful thought to the amount of time and energy that part-time after school employment may demand.  Remember, school responsibilities must take precedence over jobs.