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The Middle School Years: What we want from our students

We want our students to...

  • most importantly, be happy, healthy and safe.
  • be successful.
  • find their interests to grow and explore in these areas.
  • participate in school clubs, athletics, and other extra-curriculars.
  • participate in non-school related activities.
  • love coming to school.
  • not be anxious about school.
  • get the most out of their middle school years and be prepared for high school academically, emotionally, and socially
  • be placed in the appropriate academic courses.

Enriched/Accelerated Courses

Enriched and Accelerated courses are available to students who seek a more rigorous curriculum in their middle school years. Both programs end with a Regents exam. Acceleration continue in the high school.  

  • Grade 7 Enriched offerings: Social Studies, ELA
  • Grade 8 Enriched offerings: Social Studies, ELA
  • Accelerated grade 7: Math (Grade 7 & 8 combined), Science
  • Accelerated grade 8: Algebra 1, Living Environment

What is an Enriched Class?

  • Similar but increasingly rigorous curriculum
  • More conceptual inquiry, analysis, and discussion.
    — Concepts are more in depth and comprehensive
  • Enhanced vocabulary
  • Increased writing assignments
  • More independence required by students
    — Homework
    — Additional assignments/projects
  • Additional reading

What is an Accelerated Class?

  • Taking a course above grade level
  • More rigor and an advanced curriculum
  • Class culminates with New York State Regents Exam
  • Grades will be included in high school GPA and transcript
    — 8th grade only (Living Env. and Algebra 1)
    — Class average calculated into HS GPA (1.03 weighting)
    — Regents exam score will be on transcripts and used for HS programming

Attributes of Successful Enriched/Accelerated Students

  • Students should be strong readers and able to understand fairly complex and conceptual material
  • Students are self-motivated and desire to take a course with enhanced rigor.
  • Students exhibit a strong work ethic.
  • Students are able to effectively manage their time.
  • Students complete all homework and extra credit assignments when available.
  • Students go above and beyond when completing assignments and when participating in class.

How was my child identified?
The Enriched/Accelerated Matrix consists of...

  • In View
  • Cumulative class average
  • Homework completion
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Teacher evaluation
  • Final exam score
  • GRADE assessment (ELA only)

Expectations — what criteria must my child meet?
Detailed information on enriched/accelerated criteria was sent home in July in form of a letter.

  • Must maintain an 85 average in Science and Math courses to remain in accelerated program and advance to High School Honors program.
  • **Must maintain an 85 average in ELA and Social Studies for continuance in enriched program and advance to High School Honors program.  
  • Teacher/Counselor recommendations will be considered

Honors/Acceleration — Benefits — Impacts

  • Higher weighting toward GPA-
    — Honors/AP/College Courses 1.06 weighting
    — Regents - 1.03 weighting
  • College Level/AP courses- faster track
    — Preparation for demands of these courses
  • Increased rigor and challenge
  • 8th grade exploratory schedule may be impacted

What do I do if my child is having difficulty? 

  • Contact the teacher first.   
    — Check School Tool or Sakai if teacher utilizes it.
  • Reach out to child’s counselor. They can help with any of the following:

    — Time management, study skills, organizational skills, anxiety
  • Utilize a tutor.
  • Speak to your child.

What concerns should I have?  Common questions:

Accelerated Classes:

  • Impact of class average on HS GPA?
  • Implications of Regents Exam Score?

Is your child overextended?  How do they prioritize time?

  • How many clubs/activities are they in?
  • Are they in multiple advanced classes?
  • How do they budget time?

Is this the appropriate placement for my child?

If my child does not complete the course, can they still participate in the Honors program at Minisink Valley High School?