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Welcome to the Minisink Valley Executive PTO Page.
The Minisink Valley Parent Teacher Organization, Inc. is actively involved in the programs and activities in the Minisink Valley Central School District. A strong partnership exists between the PTO and each of the school buildings and the district.


"Enriching every child's educational experience"

The purpose of this organization is to promote closer relations between home and school so that the administration, teachers and parents may cooperate in the overall development of the students of the Minisink Valley Central School District. This organization is non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan.

How to Join

The membership of the Minisink Valley Parent-Teacher Organization Inc. is open to all families with children attending the Minisink Valley Central School District. It is also open to all administrators, faculty and staff employed by the Minisink Valley Central School District. Active membership requires that the member pay annual dues in the amount of $10.00 per family.  This does not obligate you to volunteer for any events or add you to any email list. The membership dues are divided among the buildings in which the children of the family attend school to fund events such as:
Appreciation Lunches
Author Visits
Book Fair
Class/Grade T-Shirts & Gifts
Fun Day
Kindergarten Fall Festival
Minisink Cares contributions
Preschool Story Hour/1000 Books Reading Program
Project Graduation contributions
School Dances
Student Planners & Communication Folders
Tears/Cheers & Boohoo/Yahoo Breakfasts
Transportation Day

Membership information is sent home with students in September and is also available at various school activities, Open Houses and at the main offices in each of the buildings.

For more information email us @

Executive Committee

Position Person
President Judi Heilferty
Vice-President Kim Ryshkewitch
Secretary Daphne Ehlermann
Treasurer Marie Senese
Minisink Elementary (K-2) Chairperson Lisa Bohr & Meghan Hitt
Otisville Elementary (K-5) Chairperson Lisa Walsh
Intermediate School (3-5) Chairperson Debbie Crowe
Middle School (6-8) Chairs JoAnn Westby & Michele Semco
High School (9-12) Chairs Jenn Shultz & Simone Demberg
School Pictures Chairperson Jenn Shultz
Preschool Story Time Chairperson Marsha Redd & Holly McGovern
1000 Book Reading Program Jackie Mazariegos
Read-a-thon Lisa Bacigalupo
Membership Connie LoSauro

PTO Story Time

Reading is fun and a great way to help prepare children for school.

Join the PTO at our Pre School Story Time - it's free, it's fun and it's good for your children!

At Story Time we read books, do crafts and projects, sing songs, have snack and interact with other parent and children. 



1000 Book Reading Program - Free Reading Program for Pre-schoolers

1000 Books is available at the same times and locations as Story Time - feel free to participate in either or both.  You are welcome to join any time - both programs are FREE to residents of the Minisink Valley School District.

The goal of this program is to get pre school age children the opportunity to read 1000 books before they enter school - a great way to get children interested in reading and help prepare them for school.

Volunteers Needed

When schools, families, and communities work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more. Whether you have 30 minutes or a couple of hours, your time, your ideas, and your talents are needed. We can match your time constraints and interests to needed tasks. We have many ways in which Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents can contribute.  Please consider volunteering, it really does make a difference in the lives of our children! 

Contact us if you'd like to volunteer:

School Delays and Cancellations

PLEASE REMEMBER - if school is delayed or closed, PTO activites are affected.  If there is no school because of weather, all programs including Story Time and 1000 Books are cancelled for that day.  In the event of a delay, please contact the event chairperson for more information.





I.              Fundraisers/Purchases

A.   Fundraisers for individual branches need to be approved by the building principal.

B.   The Executive Board will hold an annual school picture sale and a book fair and may hold an apparel/gear sale at its discretion.

C.   Neither the Executive Board nor any of the branches may become involved in fund raising for outside organizations, including other not-for-profit organizations (example: American Heart Association, March of Dimes, etc.)

D.  The Executive Board and the branches may not use as a fundraiser any product or organization in which a third party may profit (example: Tupperware, Avon, etc.).

E.   All monies raised through fundraising must be used to benefit the school.

F.   Any purchase over $1000.00 must be approved by the Executive Board and must be reported to the School Board in a donation letter.

G.  The branch board of officers may approve expenditures of $300.00 or less. Any unbudgeted expenditure in excess of $300.00 must be approved by the general membership and the majority of Officers must be in agreement.

H.   At the end of each school year, there may be no more than $1000.00 of unappropriated money left in a branch’s account. Money in excess of $1000.00 should be earmarked for a specific use the following year.

I.     Any permanent additions or revisions to the physical structure or nature of school buildings or grounds must be approved in writing by the district Buildings and Grounds department and any appropriate Central Administration employee before any decision or purchase can be made. It is the responsibility of the building to pay any additional cost of these additions or revisions for installation, maintenance, etc., if so requested by the District, and that additional cost must be presented as part of the cost to the general membership for approval.


K. It is the intent of the PTO to put back into each building any money raised, and it is further the intent that monies raised will as much as possible be used to benefit the students who have helped to raise those funds. In order to comply with this intent, by the last day of school of each school year, there may not be more than $1000. left in the regular account for each building. These funds will be used as the starting funds for the following school year. In addition to this amount, money may be left in the account to cover expenses which have incurred during that year and not yet been paid, as well as sufficient funds to cover the budgeted amount for any event that will occur prior to the first fundraiser of the year for that building. Documentation of the outstanding balance as well as planned events must be provided to the Executive Board in writing with the final financial statement. Any funds retained for long term projects, as well as any funds retained for a planned project for which there is limited expectation that sufficient funds could be raised in the following school year, must have the approval of the Executive Board after presentation and approval of the project plan.


II.           Record Keeping

A.   All elected officers, committee chairpersons and branch chairpersons must submit a report at the end of their term of office to include, but not be limited to, a specific job description, descriptions of each event/activity held, and suggestions for following years.


III.                Branch Officer Responsibilities

A.   Chairperson

1.    Set an agenda for, and oversee, or appoint another officer to oversee, the monthly meetings and all projects, committees, etc. within the branch. The branch Chairperson has final responsibility for the operation of the branch.

2.    Filing of all appropriate forms/building use forms, etc. when necessary.

3.    Attend monthly Executive Board meetings or appoint another officer to attend.

4.    Relay information from the Executive Board to the branch members when appropriate.

5.    Relay information from the branch members, building administration, etc. to the Executive Board when appropriate.

6.    There must be a representative from every building at every Executive Board meeting. The chair of each building is responsible for either attending or sending a representative with a monthly report. If any meetings are missed, the Executive Board reserves the right to remove the chair from his or her position.

B.   Secretary

1.    Responsible for taking minutes at the monthly branch meetings, and submitting copies of all minutes at the end of each school year to the branch chairperson.

2.    Responsible for reading appropriate correspondence to members at branch meetings.

3.    Responsible for sending correspondence from the branch, when appropriate and necessary.

C.   Treasurer

1.    Responsible for submitting a financial report to the general membership at every regular meeting as well as a financial report to the Executive Board at the monthly meeting to include the beginning balance, itemized receipts and disbursements. It is also the responsibility of the treasurer to submit the books and all appropriate materials for the annual audit at the end of the fiscal year.

2.    Each branch must have a dual signature checking account, with the names of the Treasurer and Chairperson on the account. At least two (2) signatures must be on a check. The recipient of the check may not be a signer on the check.

3.    Responsible for balancing the check book on a regular basis, and all account books must be reviewed at the end of each year by the branch chairperson.


IV.                 Mini-Grants

A.   Money is allocated in the Executive Board budget at the beginning of each school year.

B.   The allocated money is divided among the five branches based on the percentage of student enrollment in September of that school year.

C.   Each branch will review all mini-grant applications from its building and make recommendations to the Executive Board on the awarding of mini-grants. The Executive Board must vote to approve all mini-grants.

D.  Each branch must keep receipts for the money spent and provide copies to the Executive Board.

E.   Mini-grant money must be spent in a manner that either directly or indirectly benefits the students of that building. Priority should be given to those grant applications that provide enrichment, show innovative ideas and will reach the maximum number of students.

F.   Building PTO Officers are prohibited from using their personal funds, including personal credit cards, for purchases of mini grants.

G.  Approved mini-grants are to be paid out of pocket by the recipient or the building PTO will write out a check for the exact amount to the company the purchase is coming from.


V.            Elections

A.   Each PTO branch will be responsible for its own elections.

B.   Each branch must have a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Co-Chairperson is an optional office.

C.   Nominations for offices will be sought in March with a proposed slate of officers announced in April. The proposed slate of officers must have the approval of the Executive Board prior to announcement at the branch meeting. Nominations must be sought from the general membership for each position. It is the responsibility of the current board to communicate to the general membership the nomination and election process as well as the dates these will be on the agenda.

D.  Elections must be held prior to the last regularly scheduled meeting of the school year at a general meeting of the building membership.

E.   Any person nominated for Chairperson should have held a position of responsibility, either as an officer or event coordinator, within that or another branch.

F.   If individual branches are unable to fill the required positions, it will become the responsibility of the PTO Executive Board nominating committee to fill the positions.


VI.                 Postage/Bulk Mailing

A.   Use of prepaid envelopes by the branches is at the discretion of and with the approval of the Executive Board.


VII.              Use of Tax Exempt Number

A.   The NYS sales tax exempt number is to be used for PTO purchases only.

B.   No organization, group or individual other than Executive Board and Branch Chairpersons or their designees are permitted to use the NYS sales tax exempt number without the approval of the Executive Board.


VIII.           Liability/General

A.   In the event of an injury or other incident at any PTO sponsored event/activity, a school district incident report should be completed immediately by a branch representative and reported to the Executive Board as soon as possible.

B.   The Executive Board will maintain a Liability Insurance policy, which will be paid for by the Executive Board.

C.   There will be an annual audit of the Minisink Valley PTO. Each of the building bank accounts will have an audit performed by an outside, independent auditor at the end of each school year. It is the responsibility of the building treasurers as well as the treasurer of the Executive Board to prepare and have available the materials required for the audit. The same auditor will conduct the audits for each of the buildings as well as the Executive Board. Each of the buildings as well as the Executive Board will be responsible for paying the cost of the audit. The exception is the High School, due to low account balances.



IX.                 Alcohol and Tobacco

A.   In accordance with school policy, there will be no alcohol served or permitted at any function held on school grounds.

B.   The Executive Board and the branches will not in any way participate in the serving of alcohol or profit in any way from the sale of alcohol or tobacco products.

C.   The Executive Board and the branches will not promote the sale or availability of alcohol or tobacco at any function held off school property.

D.  In accordance with school policy, no smoking will be permitted at any PTO function held on school grounds.


X.            School Board Candidates Night

A.   The Executive Board will sponsor an annual School Board “Meet the Candidates Night” prior to the scheduled school board election.

B.   All legal candidates for school board will be invited to attend.


XI.                 Political Endorsements

A.   Neither the Executive Board nor any of the branches will in any way, as an organization, endorse a political candidate for any office.

B.   The Executive Board and the branches serve as a source of information on voting issues and dates/places, but will not endorse or otherwise offer an “official” opinion on any issue.

C.   No Executive Board member will also serve on the Minisink Valley School Board.


XII.              Handling of Fund Raising Proceeds and Other Funds

A.   Executive Chairperson of an Executive Board event or the Chairperson of the building for a building event will be responsible for how money is handled for his/her event.

B.   Each Building PTO may hold up to $50.00 in petty cash to be used for incidental expenses. Receipts must be submitted to verify expenditures.













Revised and approved December 14, 2012